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Don Moen
"I Will Sing"      
Released: 9/3/2002
Label: Sony Music Distribution (USA)
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Track Listings
1.   Our Father Overture 11.   Narration
2.   Our Father 12.   Like Eagles
3.   Lift Up Your Heads 13.   Narration
4.   Sing for Joy 14.   We Wait
5.   River of Love 15.   Narration
6.   Two Hands, One Heart 16.   I Will Sing
7.   Glory to the Lord 17.   Narration
8.   As We Worship You 18.   Lord You Are Good
9.   Here We Are 19.   Lord We've Come to Worship
10.   Have Your Way

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Personnel: Don Moen (vocals, arranger, piano); Chris Rodriguez, Jerry McPherson (acoustic & electric guitars); Lenny LeBlanc (acoustic guitar); Nashville String Machine (strings); Blair Masters (Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards); Alberto Rivera, Paul Mills (keyboards); Mark Childers (bass); Steve Brewster (drums); Ken Lewis (percussion); Kingdom Choir Of Tide (background vocals).
Recorded live at CBN Studios, Virginia Beach, Virgina.
Personnel: Don Moen (piano); Lenny LeBlanc (vocals, acoustic guitar); Rachel Wilson, Rachael Wilson, Michael Mellett (vocals); Chris Rodriguez, Jerry McPherson (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); The Nashville String Machine (strings); Adalberto Rivera, Paul Mills, Blair Masters (keyboards); Steve Brewster (drums); Ken Lewis (percussion).
Liner Note Author: Michael Coleman .
Recording information: CBN Studio, Virginai Beach, VA; CBN Studios, Virginia Beach, VA.
Photographer: Rich Moore.
Arrangers: Don Moen; Paul Mills.
Worship leader Don Moen, a veteran of the gospel music scene, isn't interesting in being hip or attaining any kind of pop crossover. You won't find any hip-hop beats, electronica touches, or heavy guitar riffs in his music. This is straight-ahead, faith-based worship music pure and simple. Its roots are in the church, and none of the songs featured on I WILL SING would sound out of place if performed in the middle of any given church service. So its not the pop hooks that Moen's fans turn to his work for, it's the simple statements of faith, eloquently expressed and pleasingly framed. If that's what you want out of gospel music, Moen's got it on I WILL SING.


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